Privacy Policy

The protection of your personal data is very important to us.

We will therefore process your data exclusively on the basis of the relevant statutory provisions. In this Privacy Policy we inform you about the most important aspects of data processing in the course of our business relationship with you and within our website. This Policy is addressed to our existing and former clients, prospects and potential future clients, as well as their respective shareholders, bodies and other employees.

Our business relationship with you:
The necessity of processing your data:


When you establish your relationship with us, you will be required to provide us with personal information and possibly business and trade secrets, both your own and, if applicable, those of your customers, employees, companies affiliated with you or other third parties. We use this data to the extent necessary for the proper provision of services in the context of our business relationship with you (Article 6 (1) (b) GDPR).

If you are a prospective customer or potential future client, we will use your contact details for direct mail advertising by email or telephone contact only with your consent granted pursuant to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a of the General Data Protection Regulation (“DSGVO”).

In addition, we process your personal data on the basis of our predominant legitimate interest in achieving the purposes stated below (Article 6 (1) (f) GDPR) and on the legal basis of the Austrian Professional Accountants and Tax Consultants’ Act (Wirtschaftstreuhandberufsgesetz, WTBG) 2017 (Article 9 (2) lit. g DSGVO).

To the extent that we collect your personal data from you directly, your data will, generally speaking, be provided voluntary. However, we cannot provide our services – or at least not completely –  if you do not provide your personal information.

We will process your personal information for the following purposes:

for the establishment, administration and execution of our business relationship with you;
to strengthen the existing client relationship, to establish a new client relationship or to approach prospective customers, including information on current legal developments and on the services we provide (marketing);
in cases where we have already received a mandate, for purposes of internal organisation and damage management within the firm;
to the extent we have been commissioned to do so by the client:

when providing payroll accounting for clients;
when providing financial and business accounting for clients;
when providing advisory and representation services in the field of tax law and economic affairs;
when providing advisory and representation services in matters concerning social security contributions, social insurance and social security payments, for representation before administrative courts and authorities and before recognised churches and religious communities in matters concerning contributions, before any other official institutions and for any other consultancy services and in connection with the assumption of fiduciary duties and administration of assets within the scope of sec. 2 of the Austrian Professional Accountants and Tax Consultants’ Act 2017,
as well as for each assigned task according to sec. 2 of the Austrian Professional Accountants and Tax Consultants’ Act 2017;
for the independent performance of those economic auditing tasks requiring certification from an independent auditor, in particular the statutory and any public or private mandated audit of accounting, financial statements, cost accounting, costing and commercial conduct of companies with or without the issuing of a formal opinion, and
for the independent performance of other tests and agreed investigative actions;
for consulting and assistance in the field of accounting and financial accounting and to audit company accounts,
to provide all advisory services and activities related to company accounting,
for consultancy services in connection with the establishment and organisation of an internal control system,
to provide expert opinions on bookkeeping and balance sheet accounting matters and in those areas for which professional judgment requires knowledge of accounting or business administration,
to perform any of those tasks concerning which other laws expressly state that they can only be validly performed by accountants or certified public accountants;
for the assumption of fiduciary duties and the administration of property with the exception of the administration of buildings,
for consultancy services on work-related questions and
in connection with mediation,
as well as for each assigned task according to sec. 2 of the Austrian Professional Accountants and Tax Consultants’ Act 2017.
Our data storage:
As a matter of principle, we only retain the information concerning you for as long as it is necessary for the purposes for which it has been processed. In addition, we may be subject to statutory retention requirements under which we retain information about you, your contract and our business relationship beyond its termination, such as due to company retention periods. Among other things, we retain your data as long as the assertion of legal claims arising from our business relationship with you is possible.


If you are a client, former client, prospective client or potential future client, or a contact person for any of the aforementioned, we will store your personal data for marketing purposes until you object or revoke your consent in all cases where the marketing measure in question is carried out based on your consent.

Transfer of the data to third parties:
In cases where this is required under mandatory law, we will transfer your personal data to the following recipients:

IT service providers used by us as well as other service providers in connection with marketing activities, – administrative authorities, courts and public law bodies, chartered accountants for auditing purposes,
insurance companies on the occasion of the conclusion of an insurance contract regarding performance, or of the occurrence of the insured event (e.g. liability insurance),
clients as regards data of the partners, organs and other employees of the respective client,
cooperation partners and legal representatives working for us,
client-specific recipients (e.g., client’s affiliates),
additionally, in the case of personal data of employees of our clients, in connection with ​​payroll accounting:
to creditors of the employee as well as other parties involved in any legal action, including in the case of voluntary salary assignments for claims due,
executive bodies of operational and legal representation of interests,
insurance companies within the scope of an existing group or individual insurance as well as employee benefit funds (MVK),
to banks making payments made to the employee or to third parties,
company doctors and pension funds,
co-insured and
additionally in the area of ​​financial and business accounting for clients:

collection companies for debt collection,
banks on behalf of the client,
factoring firms, assignees and leasing companies.

Some of the above recipients may be located outside of Austria or may process your personal information outside of Austria. The level of data protection in other countries may not be the same as that provided in Austria. We therefore take steps to ensure that all recipients provide an adequate level of data protection. For example, we impose standard contractual clauses (2010/87/EC and / or 2004/915 / EC). These are available on request.

Communication via electronic data transmission (e-mail, fax):

We offer communication via electronic data transmission (e-mail and fax). However, when communicating information electronically, you must be aware that transmission errors can never be ruled out entirely. We therefore disclaim any liability, except in the case of gross negligence, for damages resulting from transmission errors.

Our website:

While using the website, session cookies will be stored in your browser which are usually deleted when you close your browser. However, you can prevent the storage of the cookies by a corresponding setting in your browser software.

Furthermore, when visiting our website certain data, such as the IP address of the site visitor and the time of the visit, will be stored on the web server for a period of 8 weeks.

External resources such as Google Analytics, Javascripts and stylesheets will not be loaded.

Our communications to you (newsletters, publications, event invitations, personal communications):

Our newsletter and publications (TaxDOCTOR, TaxNEWS, TaxArtist) are intended to provide you with information on current topics and changes in the area of ​​tax law. If you would like to receive the newsletter or the publications, you will need to give a valid e-mail address or postal address, as well as information that will allow us to verify that you are the owner of the specified addresses or that their owners agree to our communications being sent there. You may revoke your consent to the storage of the data and their use for sending the newsletter and our publications at any time. Such a revocation may be effected via a link in the newsletter itself, by e-mail or in writing.

The same applies to invitations to events, information events, etc., as well as notifications about personal or other events (birthdays, etc.).

Applications via

Your personal data and application documents that you have made available to us will be included in an applicant database. You automatically give your consent to such processing when transmitting your data; you may, however, revoke this consent at any time. Without your prior consent, your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties. We reserve the right to delete parts or all of your data at any time without first consulting you and without giving our reasons for doing so.


Your rights:
Right to information:

You are entitled to request confirmation as to whether and to what extent we process your data.

Right to rectification, cancellation and restriction:

If personal data are processed incompletely or incorrectly, you may request their correction or completion at any time. You may also request the deletion of data processed unlawfully. If it is unclear whether the personal data processed by you is incorrect, incomplete or improperly processed, you may request that any processing of your data be restricted until such time as the matter shall have been finally resolved.

Right to data portability:

You may receive the personal data processed by us in a machine-readable format, provided that we have received them from you personally, or you may instruct us to transfer that data directly to a third party chosen by you, provided this recipient allows us to do so from a technical point of view and the transfer of data implies neither an unreasonable expense nor legal or other confidentiality obligations or considerations on our part or on the part of third parties.

Right of appeal:

If you believe that Austrian or European data protection law is being violated, please contact us first. In addition, you are entitled to appeal to the competent DPA.

For all your concerns, please contact us using the contact details below, always providing proof of your identity.

Our contact details:

If you have any questions or requests for clarification, please contact:

HHP Wirtschaftsprüfung und Steuerberatung,

Am Heumarkt 13, 1030 Wien,

Tel. +43 1 717 63 0.

If you have questions about privacy, please contact:

This Privacy Policy applies equally to HHP Wirtschaftsprüfung GmbH and HHP Steuerberatung GmbH.